Venus Public School
    Affiliated to CBSE, New Delhi Affiliation No. - 1030310

Rules For Students

  1. Students should come to school in clean and proper uniform
  2. Students must inculcate punctuality, self discipline and have a sense of responsibility.
  3. (a) Girls with long hair must make plaits tied with broad, green and nylon ribbons. A thin satin ribbon is not permitted at all.
    (b) Girls with short hair should wear a broad green hair band.
    (c) Boys must take a proper haircut; keeping long hair will not be permitted.
    (d) Nails should be well trimmed & nail polish should not be applied
  4. Wearing Jewellery, keeping money, mobile phones and accessories are strictly prohibited.
  5. No students remain in the classroom during assembly, P.T or any other activity period without prior permission.
  6. No students should be seen in corridors during classes, without OUTPASS.
  7. Students must converse only in English. They should not use slang or abusive language
  8. Senior students are expected to set example for the juniors, check and mend their behavior from time to time.
  9. Bursting crackers, playing holi, damaging school property may be the reason for expulsion from school.
  10. Students are not allowed to leave the school premises without permission of the principal.
  11. Birthday celebration should be limited only to distribution of sweets/ toffees/ chocolates.
  12. Forbidden practices: No student is to indulge in any of the following: (a) Disfiguring/damaging any school property.
    (b) Carrying or using mobiles, iPod, laptops or any other/ audio-video, electronic and Communication device in the school premises.
    (c) Use of violence in any form and ragging / Eve- teasing or passing lewd comments.
    (d) Being in possession of or viewing / reading / screening / sharing / forwarding any kind social media.
    (e) Indiscipline involving fighting / theft / any other act which may bring disrepute to the students / school in general.
    (f) Driving a two / for wheeler to school without a valid driving licence and helmet (in case of two- wheelers).
    (g) No students will be involved in ragging.

Note: Only one warning will be given to the student after that he/she will be expelled from the school.