Venus Public School
    Affiliated to CBSE, New Delhi Affiliation No. - 1030310

Rules for Parents

In order to maintain a respectful learning environment in the school, it is essential that all parents take it as their collective responsibility to adhere to certain set of rules and regulations laid down by the school so together we can groom and guide our children in confident human being to flourish and succeed. The school as expect that responsible parents, you will extend your full cooperation to maintain the decorum of school, which will deepen the bond and strengthen the cordial relations between us.

  1. Parent must respect and honour the school rules and regulations, specified in the diary or communicated in the form of circular pasted in the almanac from time to time.
  2. The timing to meet the principal is between 10:00 a.m. to 12:00 Noon on every working day.
  3. The timing to meet the management is between 11:00 a.m. to 12:00 noon on every working day.
  4. Parent while visiting the school to meet the teachers/ higher authorities must ensure that they are formally dressed up and must switch of their mobile(s) before entering the school premises.
  5. Parents can meet class /subject teachers only on second Saturday of the month between 8:00 a.m. to 11:00 a.m. however if they wish to meet the teacher(s) on urgent basis, they must seek a prior appointment telephonically from the reception.
  6. Parent must respect the time given to them to meet teacher in case they are unable to come or want t postpone or cancel the fixed meeting; they must inform the reception well before time.
  7. You must demonstrate through your exemplary behavior that all members of the school community need to be treated with due respect and therefore must set an example in your own speech which must be soft and polite towards all.
  8. Parents/ guardians must check the school diary of their ward(s) on daily basis to see what home work is given for the day. And ensure that their wards complete their homework well on time.
  9. As responsible parents you must have pro-active approach towards the notes sent by the teachers. You must check the dairy for teacher's communication regarding your ward's academics or other issue highlighted in the dairy through a note. Ensure that you acknowledge the communication of the teacher by signing below his/her note. Your signature in the diary would ensure the school that you are an aware parent.
  10. Before becoming judgemental about the teachers/ school, you must clarify your child version of events with the school's view in order to get the clear picture and must cooperate with school to bring about a peaceful solution to any issue rather than keeping an aggressive attitude to s=using any derogatory remark about the teaching staff/school.
  11. It is mandatory to attend PTM's and special PTM's per the schedule intimated to you through the school diary or through a short text message (SMS).
  12. As conscious parents you must ensure that the fee of your ward must be deposited well before time.
  13. As per the school policy the school reserves the right to hike the fee up to 10% every year. in case it would be more than 10 % the parents would be well informed at least three month in advance before the commencement of the new academic session.
  14. Parent/ guardian must deposit the school fee in the time otherwise they have to pay late fee of Rs 100 per month.
  15. If once your cheque gets bounce, in future school will not accept any kind of cheque from your side.
  16. It is compulsory to all students to converse in English language otherwise a fine of 10/- will be charged on daily basis.
  17. For any kind of injury/ casuality happened to students in the school, school management will not be responsible.
  18. If the conveyance is arranged by the parents, school is not responsible for any miss happening while using the conveyance.
  19. Kindly do not pay any advance to the conveyance driver/ owner otherwise you are responsible for it.
  20. The conveyance is not bound to pick your child according to your conveyance. You have to drop your child on the stoppage decided by the conveyance in charge/ driver.
  21. Your ward is permitted to take maximum 10 leaves in an academic session. There would be 10 perforated leave proformas in the school almanac of your child.
  22. To get the leave sanctioned the leave proforma must be duly filled & signed by the parent and submitted to the class teacher beforehand. If the leave proforma is signed by the child himself and submitted to the teacher, it would stand cancelled.
  23. Parents, specially the mother are requested to ascertain that the lunch-box of their ward is packed in the bag in the morning itself. No lunch-box given by the parent on the reception would be delivered to child in the classroom on request of the parent.
  24. Mobile phone is strictly prohibited in the school premises hence, if the child is found keeping a mobile, it will be confiscated by the school & will not be returned.
  25. Wearing school track suit is compulsory for all the students from nursery to XII especially during physical drills, games periods and inter- house sports events.
  26. Parents kindly note that school doesn't have any provision of giving a 'short leave' or 'half day leave'. No student is permitted to leave the premises unless there is an emergency of extreme nature/ medical reasons. The students are not allowed to leave the school on the pretext of attending family function/ pujas at home. In case there are family functions/ pujas, either you must not send you child to the school else get the leave sanctioned beforehand.
  27. It is compulsory for all the students to be present on the day on which the medical & dental checkups are organized in the school.
  28. It is moral duty of the students to ensure that their child wears school uniform only when he/she accompanies them on the PTM day in the school.
  29. No student under the age of 15 is permitted to drive or come to school on personal vehicle. Parents kindly note-if your ward is under age and he/she comes on his personal vehicle he/ she would be send back home. Such vehicle would be permitted in the school premises.
  30. The child will be marked absent if the stated by the parent is not found authentic/ genuine. In case of medical, the certificate of doctor is compulsory to be submitted in the school.
  31. In the new academic session you can see your child studying in the school through internet on your computer.
  32. No books other than textbook and library books are to be brought to the school. Children should not bring other personal belongings to school.
  33. The school is not responsible for goods and money borrowed or lost. Students are not to wear any Jewellery or apply nail polish etc. when they come to school.
  34. During winter it is compulsory for the children to wear the tie and school blazer, failing which he/ she will not be allowed to enter the school. (Approved pattern). The buttons should be well tucked. No child should be talking around in the school premises their hands in their pockets.
  35. No parents and guardians should visit wards or the teachers in the class room during school hours. They should meet the child in the lobby only after taking prior permission from the authority concerned.
  36. Seniors students are expected to set an example for the juniors from time to time for maintaining the discipline of the school.
  37. No students should scratch or spoil the desk or chairs, write or draw anything on the walls or damage any school furniture. A fine would be levied upon the student for damaging/ defacing the school property. Damage, done even by accident should be reported at once to the school authorities.
  38. The school reserves the right to dismiss a student: (a) Who is irregular in attendance. (b) Whose progress in studies is continuously unsatisfactory. (c) Whose conduct in the school is harmful to other students. (d) Who is discourteous or disrespectful towards the teachers. (e) Who are bursting crackers, plying Holi, spoiling or wasting water. (f) Guardian must ensure that it s mandatory for girl to make plait if they have long hair in case of short hair they must wear a proper broad nylon ribbon. A thin satin ribbon is not at all permitted. Boys must take proper haircut with no hair falling/ dangling on the forehead. If your ward is found guilty of suing defamatory, offensive or derogatory comments regarding the school, any student or staff of the school he/ she will be expelled from the school after two warnings. (g) Your ward would be sent back home if he is in a perpetual dress defaulter or a latecomer.
  39. Birthday / celebration in the school should be restricted to distribution of sweets/toffee only.
  40. Whenever the tablet is issued to your ward for reference of e-content, make sure that your ward doesn't access internet on it. Use of internet on the tablet is strictly prohibited.
  41. It is mandatory for the guardian to follow/ obey the rules by the state government, central government and school management.
  42. The participants have to pay for the participation in annual function or any other celebration in the school.
  43. Students are allowed to take tuition from the school staff without the prior permission by the school management / authorities.
  44. No student should stand outside alone or in a group.
  45. In case of any disputes or conflict found, decision of school management committee will be the final.
  46. No guardian will be entertained regarding fee concession, promoting the student, providing good marks in exam or the students participation in the school function.
  47. Within six months from the date of admission the parents/guardians have to deposit the passport with valid date in the school.